Vario REV 2.0

The Thor Vario REV2.0 has been extended by several variations true to its name. Our new Goodman Handle design with extremely easy adjustment and ergonomic grip is standard on all Thor Vario REV2.0. Therefore the lamp fits perfectly, safely and very comfortably on the back of every hand.

The special highlight of the new, extremely lightweight handle - the exchange system for the lamp head and the Thumb-Loop for the scooter are already installed as standard.  

The Vario REV2.0 is available with our Classic reflector 2.0 or with our new lamp head 60.

Our new one impresses with its compact design and its particularly beautiful beam angle with a fantastic corona.   This lamphead is also ideal for existing customers of a Thor REV2.0 who find the previous reflector too large or the corona too blinding.  

Because we set a high value on complete compatibility of our products, the new Thor Vario Handle fits of course also to the conventional Thor Rev2.0! All customers who have already installed a replacement system on their lamp can easily remove the bulb and attach it to the new handle. For all others, we offer an exchange ring to make the lamp ready for the Thor Vario Handle.   So there is absolutely nothing to prevent all-round customer satisfaction. Every existing customer can be made happy with a Thor Vario Handle and/or a lamp head 60!


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Vario REV2.0 standard with quick change system for the lamp head, Design Goodman handle with ergonomic fit and Thumb-Loop.

Diameter of the reflector only 4.5 cm and light weight of 460 grams at 7 degrees spot (focusable) on 14 cm length.  Quadruple dimmable +on/off and additionally on the battery tank.